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Content Creator,

Founder of theDapperGarden & theGRDN


upon request


MedusaChan (She/They)

MedusaChan is SoCal based variety content creator blogger, and live event host with a love for all things creative arts & casual cosplay. She focuses on mental health & spiritual growth with a soft spot for supporting the community she calls theDapperGarden, the coziest chaotic communities you'll ever experience sprinkled with chill vibes, music and anime references.
Medusachan is an ex-Microsoft Mixer Partner (25k) turned Facebook Gaming Partner(5K) and Twitch Affiliate (12.3K).
Medusa has been a content creator since 2017. Over the years has Partnered with companies like Microsoft, Meta, Advanced GG, Elgato, Streamloots and Doritos. She has sponsorships & affiliations with major companies like Hello Fresh, Epic Games, Xbox, Logitech and Ubisoft. 
On this journey, she has been able to reach 5.5mil REACH (fb) and 2.1mil impressions (twitter)  worldwide and have broadcasted from events like Anime Expo, Pax East & South, Anime LA, Anime Impulse and a guest panelist at ComicCon San Diego. 
Her expertise comes with helpful tips and tricks during our weekly productivity streams. Despite the global events she has a strong desire to return to her passion of vlogging at food events and conventions across the US. You can find her playing on Xbox, PC & Switch regularly. She adores multiplayer style gaming, most shooters like PubG, Apex and warzone but hates destiny (JK).
As a creator, I affiliate myself with tons of creative aspects: I am a streamer, a makeup artist and passionate cosplayer, and a community builder."


Thank you so much for being a part of my universe, please stay hydrated and always remember to water your flowers. We hope you continue to enjoy follow our journey.

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