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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Protect theVibes and EAT

Welcome to theDapperGarden Creatives Team


Better known as theGardenCreatives.

This is a place where likeminded individuals Create, Support and LOVE on eachothers abilities, creativities and art. We are a force and the future on streaming platforms alike. Here we love to protect each-others vibe while maintaining a fair playing field for new streamers and content creators who not only have a love for gaming but poetry, music and visual arts just like you. 


We are theCreatives.

Our Story

The DapperGarden Creatives began when MedusaChan noticed there wasn't a full place where people could just do poetry and art as a whole. Sure there's a tab for visual artists and musicians but what about the writers, the poets the muilt-talented creatives that love ALL THINGS ART. From dancing to the rhythm of your own beat, to setting the tempo with a beat you've created you can find it all here. Even the comedic space for those who love to make you laugh. These people are JOYS to be around and protect the vibes they set in place whenever they go live.


We at theGardenCreatives pride ourselves in being protectors of the arts and community.

We love to see you THRIVE!


That's our vibe.

Meet theCreatives




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    Production Mastermind

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    Makeup | Cosplay

    OKAMISAN, man
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    VP of Poetry | Jedi Lead

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    Poetry | Painting 

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