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WFM - day 3 & 4

Why wait for me? Because like that’s the best song right now, why not? So as you’ve noticed I didn’t post on my fourth day I had one ready but I’m still trying to get used to this whole posting thing it’s really different to me. I have done a blog when I was younger my 20s but me and commitment and sticking to things… ha! (Blows raspberries) I could barely even stick to a hair style in my 20s. 🤦🏾‍♀️

So I didn’t post yesterday like I said it was pretty productive though. I streamed on twitch for not too long maybe like two or three hours and I switch to Facebook which felt a little bit more like home even though my community’s not really like it too much. That’s what comes along with the transition and I’m OK with that for now anyway.

Do you know that one TickTock where it’s like “how come you’re not famous yet… because you didn’t share my shit.”

Promises promises a selfie each day

Yeah sometimes it feels like that in the streaming world but I just shrug my shoulders and take it one day at a time. That’s the only way that you can stay humble and just be yourself it’s kind of frustrating sometimes because people come in all day every day and say “I love you so much”, “you’re my favorite streamer”, but they only come in to say that and then go right back to work not sure your stuff not liking it not subscribing to your channel or supporting you in any way shape or form.

Just a new day challenge is really about commitment. It’s not just a challenge for physical health is a challenge for mental health, emotional health, well-being, self care all of that that. I’m really focused for this challenge I think that I’m ready I’m ready for all of the changes and for loving myself fully. I really appreciate you guys coming to share with me.

I tell you one thing being a parent while trying to balance being a full-time entrepreneur is crazy. It’s like understanding everything about yourself and nothing about yourself in the same breath. I think I am excepting that being a parent is a temporary assignment and during this assignment I still have the challenge of loving myself and making sure that they see it because how You love yourself is how they learn to love themselves as well. you’ve just got to do your best.

I got some amazing kids that’s for sure. So I daily breaks when they want to talk to me and they have so many questions and theories and things to think of as much as I want to stay focus on my work there more important I’m OK with the delay when it comes to them. So yesterday was the day my son really wanted to talk and today was his day my daughter really wanted to talk and walk through Memory’s Lane with me.

It’s so funny how therapeutic blogging can be or keeping a journal even if it’s the things that just barely pop in your head or you’re talking about what happened during your day I do recommend you do it.

Stay hydrated luvs! -M

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